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What The Hell Is Going On With Me?

I did it again! With the prices so low in Nevada did you really think I would buy just one condo LOL? I put an offer on a 2 bedroom (with den) 1250 square foot condo with one car garage for $64,000, it was accepted 2 days later wayyyy back in December.  I don’t have any photos, sorry folks! This property was not a foreclosure, instead it was a short sale. A short sale is when a home owner cannot pay the mortgage so he basically sells his or her property for a loss. A foreclosure on the other hand is when the home owners have  lost their home already and it is owned by a bank.

Since there are so many foreclosures and short sales in Vegas it can and has taken me months to finally close on this condo.The banks are swamped with work.  So now I have possession and I have gotten a local property manager in Las Vegas to rent out the place for. I’m hoping this doesn’t turn out to be another Winnipeg… I’m pretty certain this is the beginning of more condo purchases down in Vegas, it’s hard to resist when you can get such amazing deals. Rents should be between $750 – $900US a month, so it’s all cash flow baby, according to Jeremy (my property manager). I am not buying anymore places down there until I see how this first rental in Vegas does. I sure don’t want to buy  a bunch of condos and have them all sittingempty, so this one is the test. I have a great feeling and I have done my homework so  I’m certain it will be awesome but just to make sure I won’t buy anymore until I see results.

The Secret

I have been watching The Secret DVD over and over to help me get back to my healthy self and I can say it has worked once again! I feel great and I am working harder than ever to get my sales back up and they are showings signs of life again, HAHA.

Always remember, what you focus and think about always come to life, so focus on what you want and not what you don’t want! That is the best advice I can give anyone, who is feeling lost or depressed. The law of attraction!


Also I am without my beloved Escalade, as the body shop fixes a few scratches on the front and rear bumper. They are installing new factory fog lights since the lens cover fell off both of the ones on the truck in the last year (don’t ask). Any my Cadillac emblem on my rear tailgate look like hell so I bought a new one that they are installing as well. That should make my SUV look brand newish again! I’m am driving down to Vegas (instead of flying) next month and I want it to look nice and new. I did the calculations and I should save at least $1500 each time I go, if I don’t fly and don’t rent a car when I’m down there.  I thought about buying a car but if I did it would have to be some minivan, and I don’t feel like paying $10,000 or whatever to have a minivan sitting in my garage in Las Vegas. This way I can have my own car down there and save big $$.

Yes’ the drive isn’t short, it’s roughly 20 hours but whatever. It’s the best idea I could come up with. Ok, that’s all for now, it’s 11:38 pm and it’s time to get to bed.

This beauty eyesore was caught in the underground parking lots Planet Hollywood hotel in Vegas, ugh.

I like my booze what can i say??

False Creek and the Granville Street Bridge

False Creek and the Granville Street Bridge

Cooking our food at The Stone Grill. They supply the raw meat and veggies and the super HOT stone seen here and you cook it. It’s kinda expensive at $45 a person for this type of dining.  I would rather just go to Cactus Club instead…