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Wasting Time On The Internet, How Not To Do It


I just realized something, the internet is 1 BIG distraction. Seriously sometimes I get on the computer to work and 15 minutes later I realize I was supposed to do something. Geez, I need to do some time management starting right now.

It’s insane how much time I spend doing useless B.S, it’s so easy getting distracted online. Way to easy. This post is a reminder to myself to wakeup and get my ass in gear. No more fucking around. I have another baby coming in 3 weeks so I need to be as productive as possible.

My list On How To Be Productive

  1. Stop checking your email every 5mins, it’s just not that important.
  2. Turn the TV off when you’re on the computer.
  3. Have a plan even before you sit down, or you won’t know where to start.
  4. Write a list to do, & finish it.
  5. Turn off AOL AIM, Yahoo Messenger & MSN for most of the day.
  6. Stop reading bullshit blogs all day long, they don’t help make you money.
  7. When you find a tip then do it sooner than later. Later never happens….
  8. Post on your blog after you have done a good chunk of work.