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The Venetian & New York, New York Hotel in Vegas

I have been a tour guide the last week, while my parents have come down for a visit. We checked out a bunch of the casino hotels and for this post we visited The Venetian, as well as New York, New York. The go balls out in these hotels because they want you to come and visit them, so they do super elaborate things that will blow you away.

seriously, this is funny as hell. I have nothing against anyone I just thought this was funny.

This is inside the Venetian hotel, they have their own water ways in the hotel, and also outside of it. It’s truly insane..

This is a town square inside The Venetian hotel, it looks like it’s daytime even thought it was 8:00 pm… Unreal..

Merry Christmas

the gondolas coming down the canal. The lineup to get on a gondola was easily over 1.5 hours.

This is inside New York, New York Hotel, it looks like they pulled it brick from brick from lower Manhattan and brought it out here to the desert. Balls out!

This is inside a hotel, complete with Sirrico’s Italian pizza place and GreenBurg’s Jewish deli, just like NYC. Which way to Brooklyn? Fugedaboutit!

Yes this is in a hotel..

Us rolling back to North Las Vegas from the strip, how peaceful, awwwwwwww.