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Autism – You Have A Choice, Don’t Immunize Your Baby!

Autism is something most people don’t think about, but the fact is that it is a frightening and huge problem. When my wife had out first child, the day we were scheduled to go in to get immunization shots for our daughter we decided to postpone it before we did some research online. I am glad that we postponed so we could do research, what we came up with scared the sh*t out of both of us. All the research we read came up to the same conclusion, the immunization shots that 1 year old babies receive from doctors are a major reason that Autism exists. Needless to say we never got our daughter or our son immunized.  Immunization is a business plain and simple. It makes drug companies money, regardless of it destroys babies or not.

I can go on and on about the negative effects of getting immunized, but I personally know 2 people who have healthy babies until the age of one. After they received immunization shots it all changed. Now both families have to live through hell because of what? Getting shots for polio, chicken pox and other diseases. You can think what you want, but remember this if your child is healthy why fuck it up by giving them unneeded shots and drugs? Think for yourself, don’t let your doctor think for you.

My friend Franco (a great guy) is doing the “Walk For Autism” tomorrow at Swanguard Stadium in Burnaby, for his son who has Autism. I hope he raises allot of money. I already sent a donation online, hopefully the money raised can help them and families like theirs.

I don’t trust the government (American in particular), look at the world. Is the government doing things in your best interest? Very unlikely. Do you think they care about your health? Hmm….. I highly doubt it very, very much. Take control of your own life, don’t let people control it for you.

Think independently!!