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Las Vegas Road Trip 2010 Vancouver To Vegas In 20 Hrs

Well it looks like people are interested in doing online marketing, so far the DJ that I have been doing online marketing for is slow.  That is one problem I could have seen coming is the lack of traffic and searches for local searches as “Vancouver disc jockey”. Everything in life is about trial and error and you never know until you try.  That’s ok though I have my second client sand will be starting on building a quick site to promote via paid marketing and start ranking for organic traffic.

Today, however I am preparing for the big road trip down to Las Vegas. The whole trip is a 20 hour drive from Vancouver and going through potato county (Idaho) and then to Las Vegas . We will be stopping in off in Boise, Idaho for the night and then be in Vegas by roughly 3-4 pm Friday. I am super stoked since the temperature is a nice balmy 28 celcuis! I can’t wait!

I have a whole list of people coming to visit, from my brother and his family, my mother in law, as well as my wife’s aunt and uncle.  I have another friend going to down to Vegas who we will be meeting up with, as well as my 3 cousins and their spouses. It’s a full house. People from Vancouver love going to Las Vegas, it’s a cheap, quick get away.

Of course being the workaholic that I am, I will be working  by the pool courtesy of the free wifi available from the clubhouse  in my complex. I can’t wait to work by the pool, wee.

Well that’s about it for now. I need to do a bit of packing, then register a new domain name for the new local client that I will be doing online marketing for.

I took a screen shot from Google Maps of the exact route we will be taking to get down to Vegas. This is the 20 hours driving route, I could have taken the 1-5 route through Oregon and cut across Cali but I would rather save the 4 hours an drive through farm country.  I can always take the scenic route on the way back if I want to.

Next post is from Vegas, ciao!!!!!!!