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Burnaby Graffiti And East Van SunRises

A few random photos I took, graffiti and sunrises. A camera is meant to capture life, good or bad, dirty or clean, dark or bright.  It doesn’t have to make sense, most things in this world make little if any sense, but they seem “normal”. What am I trying to say? Who knows and who cares. Enjoy the photos then turn off your computer and go for a walk. See ya!


I thought this was too funny not to photograph. I waited for the MetroTown Public Library to open and this piece of work was scrawled on a metal support beam… Someone has some serious problems. I misspelled “read” with “reads”, my bad.


I saw this Obama graffiti stencil on an electrical box in Burnaby a few weeks ago. Luckily it was still there so I could snap a photo of it. Yeah, yeah it’s graffiti, cry me a river….


Obama graffiti stencil on garage in Burnaby.


Very cool sunrise on my street 7:40ish am