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VanCity Bank Thought I Was Laundering Money

It’s been a stressful trying to get lots of stuff before going to Vegas, and I can’t handle stress very well. So yesterday the branch manager for VanCity on Hastings Street/ Kamloops Street in Vancouver calls me. Hi “I’m so and so from VanCity”. Then, she starts asking what my business is. “I do internet marketing”. The she asks “What EXACTLY do you market on the internet?”. I start thinking, What does she mean by that? Ok, I explain I buy ads online and I promote products for various companies and I make a commission every time I make a sale. The she says “When is a convenient time for you to come in, I would like to meet you.” I thinking WTF. I ask her why do I need to come in, can’t you ask me your questions on the phone? I’m really busy and I don’t have time.” “I really need to see you in person”, she says.

She was really pissing me off, I have NOTHING to hide but why do I need to come? “Is there a problem?”. “No”, she says “I just need to ask you  a few questions in person”.  Ok, I’ll come in get this crap over with.  I get down there in like 10 minutes and she start asking certain companies  names I deal with such as Convert2Media, and who they are. The she asks why I am using a currency exchange place on Granville Street to convert large sums of money from US to Canadian currency. I’m thinking why the f*ck is that your business?

Convert2Media is one of many affiliate networks who send checks to me for the salea I make for the products I promote on the internet. I had to explain who a few other companies I deal with are as well, such BULLSHIT. And, The currency exchange place is so I can make an extra 2-3 cents for every U.S. dollar I exchange into Canadian funds”. “They give me 3 cents better for every dollar than VanCity does”, I tell her. That why I use it.

“Why are you asking me these type of questions, you’re making me feel bad and I have done absolutely nothing wrong”, I tell her. “Oh sorry to make you feel that way, I didn’t mean to do that”,  b*tch says.

“I didn’t know what type of business you did so I needed to get you to come and answer some questions”. Umm yeah ok and? “Well why did you ask me, and make me feel like I did some type of criminal activity?”  I appologize about that, we need to make sure you aren’t laundering money.

Are you fucking kidding me? Since I’m doing good for myself now I’m a money launderer?!

Anyways, I was just super pissed about her dragging me in to ask all that BS. Yes I realize it’s her job, but she called 4 weeks ago asking what my business was and so on. I never went in 4 weeks back because I didn’t want to waste my time on some peon who think she runs the show cause she is a branch manager at VanCity, grr. I figured she was going to ask some stupid questions, and that’s why I never wanted to meet her in person. I never had anything to hide and still don’t. Ask me anything you want, just because I make lots of money working from home makes me suspicious?!

Dear Vancity,

You’re lucky I don’t take all my money and go to another bank, but I’m too lazy to move all accounts, lucky for you assh*les.  Your Hastings Street branch manager is a real snag…

I hope this post ranks high in Google for the keyword “Vancity Savings”, bunch of tards.