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WTF Is Twitter Good For?

twitter-logo.gifWTF Is Twitter Good For, seriously? I have a home phone, cell phone, email address, fax machine, instant messengers (Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, AOL, Trillian) and now I need Twitter to keep in contact with people ? Umm yeah, talk about communication overload. 10 years ago I had nothing, if you wanted to reach you would call me. Oh and then you have FaceBook, ,MySpace and all the rest of the networking B.S, lol.

Twitter is basically the instant message concept repackaged, good marketing strategy? All the sheep will follow and the Twitter founders will become wealthy from ad revenue and then they sell their company for $500 million, to AOL or Google lol.

Note to self: Think for yourself and don’t follow the sheep crowd, let them follow you instead…