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Trinity Street Christmas Lights Are On Now

It looks like the East Vancouver¬† Trinity Street Christmas lights are in full swing now. Last time I was there I saw only a few houses lit up, now the whole street looks like an LED paradise from East to West. It’s cool that some neighbourhoods in Vancouver have some sort of traditions. It gives more meaning to a city if people have that neighbourhood feeling.

I snapped a shot of the ginger bread house, what an amazing concept. Take a look at the photo below, that house is by far the most creative. It was there last year as well, very cool.

I find the easiest way to make the kids sleep is go for a car ride, works every time. So when I’m driving around I tend to snap digital photos, hence all the photos you see on this blog. It’s fun and free, and it’s a record of that moment in time that will never be available again.