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Today I Am 38 years Old, Happy BirthDay To Me

Today I hit the big 38 years old. I never thought I would ever be 38 years old, seemed so far away when I was in my 20’s and now here I am. So happy birthday to me, I’m 38 today. Tommorow I’m going to the Shabusen Yakiniku House on Granville street on the West Side of Vancouver. Shabusen is a mix of Japanese sushi food and Korean BBQ, and it’s all you can eat. Usually I stick to very few carbs to keep my weight down however tommorrow I will bend my own rules just a wee bit.

If you  haven’t tried Shabusen I really recommend it, the place is awesome. You can eat all the sushi you want and you can also order as much meat to grill as you like. They bring you the meat raw and you cook it right on your table on the built in grill, mmmmm.

By the way I am at 174 lbs down rom 188 lbs,  when I weighed myself on May 6, 2008. My weight loss has been Mostly due to eating few carbs (no bread, pizza or pasta!) and bike riding to the coffee shop daily.

Today we sign the papers for the second condo, and then I am off to work from the coffee shop. Tonight it’s dinner at my mother in laws and tommorow it’s Shabusen. Bada boom, that’s about it for now.