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The Desert Is A Funny Place

We have been busy checking out a bunch of what the desert has to offer, yesterday we went out to the famous Las Vegas outlet center where you can snag deals on all your favorite brand names from Puma, Adidas, Dolce & Gabbana and all the e of the crap that cost more than your computer system. I have to admit I do like Puma, it has a  nostalgic feeling to it that I like. Anyways I snapped a bunch of pics from our day there as well as a few desert mountain photos where we went walking this morning (5 minutes walk from our home). I also took pics of the strange signs and bill board ads floating around Vegas, funny stuff.

WTF is this, a bent building??? weird…

This looks so cheesy to me, am I wrong? Paul Blart?

they sell brass knuckles at the outlet stores, how quant.

I love this Adidas t shirt in conjunction with DeF Jam, talk about old school vibes?

I wanted to buy this shirt but it was sold out in my size….

weird Indian smoking devices at the Las Vegas Outlet Center

ticket busters, only in Vegas..

would you get your car washed at… TERRIBLES CAR WASH?

only in VEGAS…

the park trail near our place…

the park trail near our place…