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Tech Support That Can’t Support Shit

I woke up pretty early 6:am since my daughter knows my early wake up schedule and beats me to the punch, I have been bringing her along in the stroller for my morning walks. I knew today was going to be a useless work day since one of my media ad buys is all f*cked up. I was making a ton of cash off of it, then the ad server database screwed up or something and my ads basically stopped running. I went from $1000s per day to a few hundred as of right now. It will get fixed I guess one way or another but damn. Anyways no point dwelling on it , since I can’t change and it wasn’t my fault at all.

Oh also a note to all you online ad agencies and anyone who needs to be able to be reached, list a f*cking phone number on your site! And…. Make sure your emails work, when they start bouncing back as invalid address or whatever I start to lose it! I want to spend $20,000 per month with you and I can’t even reach you? Not smart jackass!! I’m on limbo partly today because of this, I cannot buy more ad space and this means lower profits until this fiasco is resolved. Thank God for simple morning walks, nothing can go wrong I walk and that’s it. If I fall I get back up.

Computers are heaven and hell!

Luckily next week I will be chilling in the heat of Las Vegas Nevada. Oh the joy I feel of having something relaxing to look forward. I will be working of course but in a drier, warmer place.  And instead of nightly drives to Tim Horton’s drive thru, I can cruise down Las Vegas boulevard (The Strip). It will be nice…….

Now some random pics of random stuff, because I am very random guy.

August trip to Kelowna

East Van sunrise

East Van sunrise

crazy looking creepy house in East Van, it’s one big prop.

This is how I look when I’m taking a dump..

I’m out, later Sherlock!