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Lesson Learned – Watch Your Laptop In Public Places

I just learned to be more careful with my laptop in public places. I like to work outside of the home because I have 2 kids and a wife at home and it’s pretty tough to get work done. Recently I started bike riding to a local coffee shop on Kingsway in Burnaby.

Obviously I have a laptop with me and just plug it into the wall here at the coffee shop and get free wireless internet and away I go. I was always kind of worried about people ripping off my laptop so I never went to the washroom unless I brought it with me. I started getting complacent and leaving my laptop plugged in and I would quickly go to the washroom, and then hurry back.

Today was a well learned lesson

People come and go all day, it’s a coffee shop right? I don ‘t pay much attention to who’s coming in unless they look like junkies. Anyways a guy came in today opened up his laptop and placed it on the ledge facing Kingsway, and he then went to get a coffee just 10 feet behind him. I guess some sh*tbag must have been watching because when the guy came back he was wondering where his laptop was. This all happened 12 feet from and I didn’t see a damn thing, in under 2 minutes.

The guy who stole the latpop must of had some balls to do something like that, he could have easily been caught. He will probably sell it for $250 max, risking his free for a $250 pretty f*cking dumb. 

This could have easily happened to me, and now I know better…… Take this is as a warning, it happens all the time. I was lucky it didn’t happen to me.

Back to work.