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It Snowed In Las Vegas, Grrrrrr

This is how it looked here 3 days ago, thank God it’s 14°C today. I hate the cold and I know soon enough I will back in the Winter Wonderland Hell of  Vancouver. I bought here to get away from the Winters of Vancouver. I know it’s not hot in Vegas in the winter but damn snow?! Argh!!! Thanks it only happens once in  a blue moon, and the snow didn’t stick, and the next day it was back to a mild 14°C.

eeps it snowed in Vegas? Yeah and it sucked, it never stuck but still!

a sprinkle of snow on the local mountains here in Vegas…

Two days later it was 15 , and it will be the rest of the week, Thank God!

looks like the observatory in Vancouver? Yeah a house, scary I know and damn ugly….