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Sicko – Health Care Documentary By Michael Moore

sicko movieHave you watched “Sicko”? It’s an American health care documentary by Michael Moore. I am sooo glad to be Canadian. Canadians get free health care compared to U.S. citizens. American citizens need to pay for their health care which is a sad joke.

What’s wrong with American health care?

American health insurance companies are there for only ONE REASON, to make money. Health and helping people is the last thing on their minds. If you have diabetes or many, many other health issues chances are that you will get disapproved for health care in the U.S.A. Not here in Canada, no way would that be allowed. Health care in the U.S is a capitalistic enterprise.

Watching the documentary you can see how bad it is down in the U.S.A. It’s so sad how we as the human race, put money before people any chance we get. Health care care is all about profit and keeping the stock quote high so investors keep buying shares to increase the value of a health insurance companies stock.

How can they provide quality health care when there whole objective is to make a ton of cash? The easiest way for health insurance companies is to make more money is to disapprove health insurance claims as much as possible. More disapproved claims, means more money for the health company, it’s disgusting way to make money.

Watching the movie it actually made me sick at how this is even going on. One senior in the show was 75 years old and was still working because his employer had health benefits that would pay for a good portion of the $300 prescription drug tab that he and his wife needed. I recommend you take a peek at Sicko and see for yourself how working class Americans, as well as seniors down south have it.


Proud to be Canadian