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The King Of Spam – Scott Richter, Now Doing RingTone Scams

Introducing Scott Richter, King Of Spam:


Scott and his company, OptInRealBig.com, used to send more than 100 million e-mail messages every day. He was been sued by both Microsoft and the New York State Attorney General in 2006. He paid $7 million to Microsoft in 2006 in a settlement arising out of a lawsuit alleging illegal spam activities. Scott was considered one of the top 200 spammers in the world.

And in In January 2007, Scott’s company Media Breakaway was sued by MySpace for allegedly gaining access to members’ accounts and using them to send millions of spam messages appearing to be from users’ MySpace “friends”. Steven Richter (Scott’s brother), President and General Counsel of the company, denied the allegations.

So where is Scott Richter now and what is he doing? Well..

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