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The Tax Man Wants My Money, Umm No Way

Today I’m stuck at home waiting for Leo, our accountant. The problem with making  money is you need to find ways to keep it for yourself, unless you like giving YOUR Money to the government. I am not a fan of RRSPs, and now I’m very sure I hate the whole idea of RSSP (think stock crash 3 months ago). Having my money locked into some B.S Ponzi scheme isn’t an investment, it’s a government endorsed legal scam. RRSPs are 100% crap pure and simple, don’t get me started.

Anyways, we need to find some ways to shelter our corporate income to keep it away from the Mafia ahem I mean the Canadian government.   Hopefully Leo has some creative ways to shelter our income, he better not mention RRSPs, our I ‘ll kick his ass. Seriously.

I love adding up the daily profit, it’s the expenses that suck. But then expenses are write offs so that’s a good thing, anything to keep the (Canadian Government ) Mafia off of my money. I write of all advertising, home office, Internet, gas, vehicle, entertainment, % of hydro, % of Terasen Gas, computer equipment, office equipment and the list goes on.  Oh and being incorporated helps a ton, cause I only get taxed at like 18%, then I add write offs on top of that.

Damn it’s hard to get thinking straight though,  with so many noises in the background. The baby screaming, Andrea Bocelli on the CD player and  Tree House on the TV. Yeah, I work from home, can’t you tell yet???

Ok, enough for now I need to print my income/expenses for the last 6 months,  as well as advertising expenses and so on, blah, blah, blah…

Ding, ding, ding (idea): Instead of printing this out, I will just give Leo the whole excel file and he can do whatever he wants with it.