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Chestnuts & Eggs For Breakfast

Hmm, I’m ready to go postal, lucky I don’t work in¬† a post office. Snowing again!?! Lucky it’s like 1/2 inch so driving in this white junk is easy. Actually I walk to “work”, which is the Renfrew public library. I basically just steal their heat and use the chair and desk to work at, who needs an office?

Anyways I snapped a few photos of today’s healthy breakfast which consists of roasted chestnuts and 2 boiled eggs with salt on them. I had like 4 chestnuts in the fridge and I had to get rid of them, so why not have them for breakfast right?

It’s funny how anything can be “art”, even 5 chestnuts and 2 cracked hard boiled eggs. I guess the macro setting on the Canon camera¬† has that “magic effect”. It can turn everyday objects into artistic expression. Wow, I almost believed that one myself…

Ok enough on this post, time to get my ass ready for “work”.