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Hanging Out In Las Vegas

I'm down in Vegas for a few more days. We ended up hiking in Red Rock canyon, which is about 20 minutes from the Vegas strip. I recommend you checking out this beautiful place. There is more to Vegas than the damn strip LOL, no one seems to understand that. Not every person who lives in Vegas lives on the strip far from it, most like to be as far away from the strip as possible. Anyways I took some pictures and a video hiking in Red Rock Canyon, enjoy.

shot up car in the desert near Lone Mountain in North West Las Vegas

Rock quarry in the desert near Lone Mountain (close to my place).

Inside a sand stone rock formation at Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon cave

Amazing views here…

In the desert overlooking a rock quarry up the street from my condo…

more sand stone rock formations

Paul pointing at McDonalds, he's a hungry boy.

profile of a face at Red Rock Canyon, Vegas

A Visit To The Red Rock Canyon

Instead of doing the usual visits to the casinos ( that we will do anyways), I decided to start researching what natural sights we can visit around the the Las Vegas area. Red Rock Canyon is only 8 miles from my front door and a  pretty neat place, so we went there this afternoon.  It looks like the Grand Canyon but on a much smaller scale.  The actual walls of the canyon are red which looks almost unrealistic, it’s stunning scenery and soo close to my home!  We took the scenic 1 hour drive around the canyon and area, and I snapped photos along the way. Today the temperature was up to a nice mild 17°C, so it was perfect, even though up there we did see some traces of snow on the ground.

Tonight it’s back to regular tourist stuff, going down to the strip to see some stuff..

the happy couple..

the scenic drive

cool looking red stripe right through the mountain

the wild, wild west…

nephew James, Niece Natalie and sis in law Doris snapping photos.