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Phoenix Arizona Could Be My New Vacation Home

It’s always such a joy to comeback from 30 degree weather to -1 temperatures and snow falling on the ground! I almost thought I went away for a Christmas vacation, then I remembered it’s March! Didn’t the scientists say there is global warming happening? Hmm, not here. I was hoping to comeback to warmer temperatures than I left with, and I get this. Even funnier is the fact that I got a cold along with the rest of my family while in the Dominican, weird huh?

Anyways I contacted AMG Investments to see if they still had some condos left in Phoenix and they do. AMG Investments is a real estate company run by Ralph Case, Ozzie Jurock and some other people. Most of you guys reading this probably don’t who these characters are, so let me tell you. They are real estate investors that are from Vancouver. Ozzie has great advice and I have been following him for about 5 years now I think. He is on Global TV news every second week¬† if I remember correctly. He is the one I learned all about cash flow investing from.

Because of Ozzie Jurock I bought and sold 2 condos in Prince George for a $50,000 profit in under a year if I recall correctly. I also purchased those 2 other condos late last year because of his motivation and advice.

He’s buying down in the USA and he has some deals in Phoenix, Arizona. You can get a 3 bedroom 1000 sure foot condo for $150,000 Canadian, to me that seems like a smoking deal. 3 bedrooms is perfect for me and it will probably be something I will keep for a long time. No more all inclusive vacations, for me.

Whenever I feel the need for a vacation then I can hop on a plane and relax in the warm sun of Phoenix, Arizona. I haven’t bought the place obviously but I did go to their presentation a few months ago. I’m going to look into it further, do some research and take it from there. But what can you buy for $150,000 here? Go look and get back to me.

And the great thing about buying a vacation getaway is that it will go up in value, it’s a win, win situation. With a regular vacation¬† you spend $5,000 then you come home to the cold, with a chunk of real estate you can go back to it again and again.
I’m not saying I will buy this condo, but doesn’t the thought of having a hot place to go when the weather turns to hell here sounds appealing? It sure does to me, any day of the week.

Below is the floor plan for the 3 bedroom:

check out the image/video gallery through this link.

That’s all for tonight folks, I still have this damn cold and it sucks to be low on energy. Keep it real…