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10 Pairs Of Puma Shoes Or An $1100 Chateau Wine Bottle

Holy sh*t, I forgot all about this song, until I was driving back from The Number 5 Orange. This is some 80’s Canadian rock, that kicks some ass. Harlequin! “Thinking Of You” from 1980, I was 10 years old in 1980. Oh how the years fly by and the grey hairs creep in, but good music is always good music. Enough on that…

As usual I have my digital camera close by, being nerd that I am. I snapped photos of some of the ugliest Puma shoes I have ever seen. I am a Puma fan but these are a little far out for me, but then again I’m kinda vanilla. Photos taken at the Granville Street Puma store.


Funky sneakerz….

Puma sales girl..

Granville street / Robson Street

Gianni wanted to check out the most expensive bottles of wine, and he saw that they had a bottl e going for about $5,500. We had to see it in person so we rolled down to the B.C. liquor store on Alberni street. We didn’t find any wine bottles selling for that much, but I saw a bottle of Chateau selling for  $1,100 (see picture below). I like my wine but WTF, $1,1000 for a bottle of crushed grapes?! Umm, no thanks buddy…

Anyhoo, if you want to spend your 2 week paycheck on one bottle of  Chateau wine go down to the  B.C. liquor store on Alberni street. Bada bing!

$1100 a bottle for Chateau Mouton RothsChild……

Seems cheap compared to the bottle of Chateau in the picture above, ha ha.

Enough of this computer crap for tonight, it’s 12:07 pm. Nighty, night folks.