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West Vancouver A Magical Place Of Success

The West Vancouver Park Royal Village is a magical place, that probably has the largest assortment of wealthy people in one shopping area. I mean where else can you see Aston Martin cars, Bentleys, Porsches, Mercedes, BMW’s etc all in one place?

As Roberto said “he loves the vibe there”, I have to agree. Being around successful people makes me want to strive for even more. Am I materialistic, I don’t think so. I don’t need or want a Bentley, but I want to be the best at what I do. Why is that? Hmm, I think it’s like a game, we are all players in the game of life, like it or not. Do you want to play to win or just squeeze by? I want to be on the winning team, it’s always more fun when your the one who scores the goal. Are you trying to score? I am.

People always seem to think being wealthy means you need to be selfish, a snob, or greedy? Why is it so wrong to be rewarded for the many hours you spend trying to achieve your goal? If the people who bitch about successful people got off their asses and put down that bag of Dorito chips, then maybe they would get somewhere to. Not all people are born rich, take a risk, try something new, and then you will know what successful people go through to get to where they are. It’s easy being “safe”, but it’s boring and you won’t get anywhere quick watching that rerun of Seinfeld.

Yikes, am I being crusty? I hope not! Just giving everyone a reality check, myself included. If your’e not happy in your current situation start doing something about it. Then go to the West Van Village and have a coffee, feel the positive energy, and take some home with you it’s free. Our lives are what we choose them to be. What are you choosing for yourself? Tell me.

And to the people in the Park Royal Village, good for you. You deserve the success you have achieved, your successes are an inspiration to me, and Roberto I’m sure.