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Making Money Buying Online Real Estate?

I don’t link to other articles online unless they are worth it. Shoemoney had a blog post about how people have made money selling “virtual real estate” (not websites). Basically you can buy real estate such as virtual islands in videos games. One dude bought a virtual island for $26,000. I don’t completely understand the concept because I was never into gaming. I thought time was better spent learning how to build websites and how to make money online, maybe I was wrong?

It’s insane how people make money online and this is just another avenue. This is something I would never do, I can’t stand videos games.  I’m still a bit old school when it comes to computers, I got into them when I was 29 years old, so I wasn’t brought up with them. I’m 37 now so it’s to late to get started in the gaming thing, not that I even want to. Ha ha.

If find it interesting that people actually make money off of playing video games, it’s nuts. Check out the blog post here


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