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39 Years Old – Happy Birthday Las Vegas Style

Today is my……………………………… birthday (November 14)! I’m an old man 39 years old, ugh. I feel like 29 so that’s cool, hard to believe 40 is right around the corner. I still have the energy and drive of a guy 10 years younger which helps.

I got on the exercise bike in the gym room here in my condo complex (Chateau Versailles) for the first time for about 30 minutes which isn’t too bad considering I haven’t biked much this year.

The weather is mild here, def not hot but I can walk around with shorts and a shirt and feel ok, it’s nice for November to be able to do that. We found a park that’s just down the street so we went there for about 30-40 minutes to let the kiddies run around and unwind. I think they get a bit crazy in the condo, without their toys.

I hear back in Vancouver the weather is calling for snow, anyone hear anything?

Also the inside of the condo is basically done now, we are just waiting on the washer and dryer which will be delivered today and then we are 100% set. Shit, I was drained after the last 4 days of busting my ass to get this place into shape and driving around buying things that we needed. Thank God, it’s all done basically!

Tonight, we’re going to check out the famous Las Vegas Outlet  Center, where you can get crazy deals on all the big brand names from Nike, Coach and so on. Not sure if I’m gonna buy anything. I wouldn’t mind a few things perhaps, well see…

Anyways things are back to how I want them to be.  I work 7am-4pm 5 days a week, then we go out and explore Vegas, it’s perfect.

I snapped a few photos walking to the pool, which is right next to the gym. Chateau Versailles has some amazing scenery, it’s close to the small mountains which gives it really nice views, and then there are view of the Vegas strip as well. I’m going to snap some photos of it at night, you can see the whole city from here, it’s really amazing.

Las Vegas strip two nights ago

park down the street

freeway view from Chateau Versailles

walkway to get to pool

pool with mountain views in Chateau Versailles

pool at Chateau Versailles

mountain views from Chateau Versailles

view of mountains from Chateau Versailles

bbq area near pool

view of Las Vegas strip from picnic area in Chateau Versailles

broken brick wall in East Van, reminded me of FailBlog.com. Ha ha, this picture makes me laugh for some reason. Did some tard back into this wall?!  Funny stuff right Rob?

That’s all for now folks…