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SeaFood & Gallery Photos

I found out that Flickr will only show you most 200 most recent photos in your Flickr account. I am at that point now so either I have to upgrade to a $24 Flickr hosting account so I decided to forget about Flickr and use a WordPress plugin to make my image gallery. I have over 20 gigs of space that I can use on this hosting plan so I may as well take advantage of it right?  Why do I need to pay $25  a year to upgrade to a Flickr pro account, umm no thanks.

Anyhoo you can see most of my images on the newly created “pics”  page located at the top right hand  section of my blog. The plugin I used is called “Next Gen Gallery“. It has a ton of options that are pretty slick. I played around with the options and I’m happy enough with what I got now. Realistically it’s a gallery of images, how many options do you really need right? I set it up last night, so it’s all done.

It’s funny how small things like having a image gallery up on my blog gets me hyped.  I have been “blogging”, even before blogging was even a word. MotionGroove.com was my personal site 9 years ago and then became a corporate site to show clients and now it’s back to a personal space.  Since I have no clients any longer (by choice), I can use this domain as my personal playground.