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My New Office, Grand Opening Tommorrow! The Burnaby Library

It looks like I may have found my new free wireless internet connection permanently. I am going to be working from the Burnaby public library starting tommorrow. They offer free wireless internet and you can plug your cord into the wall, so no worries about a dead laptop battery. My new hours are from 7-9:45 am from home, then 10 am – 4 pm from the library. I don’t need to waste money on an office space, and the library is guaranteed to be 100% quite. It’s going to be much easier to concentrate and I look forward to getting more done with much less distractions.

I checked online and did a search for free wireless internet and 99% were coffee shops. I think the library is a much better choice than coffee shops. If you really need to get things done, the library has more comfortable seating and much more quiet.

If I want to make my goal of all $100,000 a month I really need to get rocking.

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