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LuluLemon bag With Cool Quotes On It

If you’re from Vancouver and aren’t a senior citizen then you know how popular Lululemon is in this city. My wife has every color of pants as well as the top to go along with them. When you buy a Lululemon you get a cool reusable bag, that is perfect for grocery shopping etc. The bag itself has over 100 quotes and thought provoking phrase, check out the photo below and read a few of them. I actually haven’t read them all so having the photo on my blog will give me a better chance to sit here and read them.


My favorite quotes on the Lululemon bag?

  1. Life is full of setbacks. Success is determined by how you handle setbacks.
  2. Do one thing a day that scares you.
  3. Jealousy works the opposite way you want it to.
luluLemon bag

LuluLemon bag

I’m off to work from the coffee shop on Kingsway, hopefully it won’t rain today!! I hate getting rained on when  I am bike riding to or from the coffee shop, sucks b*lls..