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When Life Punches You In The Face, Then Fight Back

After venting about my problems in my last post, today I feel a renewed sense of energy today. For those who know me, they know I can bitch and whine, then I just get back into it. For some reason I feel great today, even with the recent pitfalls. But if you can’t get back up when life punches you in the face you’re not much of a man if you ask me.  Having pitfalls makes me stronger. Every time something like this happens to me, I get back stronger and make even more money.  Maybe that is why I am soo excited? I guess that ‘s the reason I feel revived, because I know I am going to make even more money very soon. It’s a weird cycle in my life, when sh*t happens it ALWAYS works out for the better. It’s strange but oh so true scenario in my life.

Maybe it’s just the way I view life, but things always get better for me after they dip. So let’s get this day started and see how great it will be…  And if you’re the kind of person to look at the dark side of life, you are doing yourself a huge disservice. When you are down and out, how can you possibly move forward? I will tell, YOU CAN’T!  Cry for an hour then work hard after that. Get your spirit back and run with the bulls. Don’t be a wimp, have balls and get it going!

If you’re life is hard, give it the middle finger and tell yourself you can and will succeed. You have no choice but to succeed, it’s you life and you need to control it the way you want it to turn out.  Think of your life as a school  bus and you are the driver. You need to control it, speed up when it’s needed and put the brakes when you have to. If you need to make detour to get to where you are going, then do it.  You are in control of your life, so make damn sure you like the view, if not then change the course of your life.

You have only one life, so live it the way you want to ever single day of it.