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Las Vegas Here I Come!

It’s official I booked my flight for Las Vegas and will be there  Sunday evening.  I spoke about buying condos in Las Vegas earlier this year but I never actually did anything about it, until now. I’m ready to buy at least one 3 bedroom town house as  my vacation home, and possibly another for rental income. This has  been an unwritten goal of mine for a little while now, having  a place in  a hot climate.

How can you go wrong buying a 1500 square foot 3 bedroom townhouse, with 2 car garage that is 3 years old for $75,000 – $85,000?  Easy, you can’t. I don’t give a shit about the “recession”, or the swine flu or whatever else the media is shoving down our throats. I’m pretty stoked about having  a place in a hot climate. When the weather turns to crap here I’ll be jumping on a plane south. I plan on staying at least 1-2 months per year, at least until the kids get into elementary school.

photos below are one of the townhouses I will be checking out, so amazing!!!

I have a bunch of stuff to think about after I buy my place:

  1. transportation when we are down there (we can bring my wifes Honda Civic that’s been in storage for the last 4 years, & leave it there…)
  2. furnishing the place (no Ikea in Vegas I checked…)
  3. household stuff (cooking utensils, TV, dishes etc…)

Am I nervous? Yes, but this is something I’ve been wanting for a little while. The prices have stabilized in Las Vegas but they are still super cheap, 50% of what they were before the sh*t hit the fan in the U.S. The time to act is now, before prices start increasing. What the hell can you buy in Vancouver, for $85,000? Nothing you got it. Anyone can buy a place in Las Vegas with a retarded low price like that.

Here is a link to 15  condos my realtor  David Brownell emailed me to look at. Take a look at what you can get for $85,000 U.S!!! Why the hell are we in Vancouver?!? I can’t get over the prices down there, I mean seriously. A 3 bedroom 1500 square foot condo built in 2005 in Vancouver would easily be $300,000!!!

Hopefully by next week I can blog about my new condo in Vegas (pictures too)! I’m out.[ad]