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Friday Wrap Up – Las Vegas Condos & More

The Friday wrap up! Oh yeah it’s the weekend, and the sun is shining. It’s been an eventful week and I am jumping back into the real estate game again with the purchase of a 2 bedroom condo in Burnaby in the same complex as this 2 bed room condo.  The vendor was asking for $215,000 but I got it for $200,000, so not a bad deal. This unit needs some paint and maybe I will pullout the carpet and put some nice dark laminate flooring to give it a modern look to it. So another one under my belt which means more tenants to deal with, lol.[ad#ad-1]

Also I was checking out my favorite Vancouver real estate gurus site, Ozzie Jurock. And I saw some “hot properties” from Las Vegas. I talked about how I wanted to buy a condo down in Phoenix, Arizona because of the hot climate and super cheap deals. I never went through with it because even though the condo was cheap $150,000 for a 3 bedroom, it wasn’t cheap enough to buy down there. Well Ozzie Jurock posted about the amazing deals down in Vegas, and they are amazing.

You can get 1500 square feet 3 bedroom 2 level condos/townhouses for roughly $75,000 to $85,000 US. So that works out to about $95,000 to $105,000 Canadian for a 3 bedroom condo in Vegas!! Oh and these places are brand new! I contacted the realtor in charge of the Las Vegas condos and we spoke last night. He sent me a bunch of word docs with all the pricing  of various condos, from 2 bedroom for $55,000  and 3 bedrooms going up to $85,000. The photos are sweet, I have one at the bottom of this post. I figured with such low prices they would be out pretty far (30 minutes from the strip), but they are 15 minutes away from the Las Vegas strip, so that was wicked. I’m to a gambler or anything, but a nice warm climate is what I am seeking. The great thign is Vegas is only a 2 hour flight from Vancouver.

I am seriously tired of the weather here in Vancouver, especially the rain in the winter. This will be my second home, especially with these discounted prices. Prices in Vegas have dropped roughly 66%!!! These deals are completely unreal, anyways I am very excited and can’t wait to get my ass on a plane down to Las Vegas to see them in person. And the temperature in Las Vegas was a smoking 32 celsius yesterday!

It will be damn nice to have the option to jump on a plane when the weather turns to hell here, and chill in Vegas for a month or so. Obviously you can rent them out as well for some great cash flow. Anyways, I’m getting ahead of myself and all hyped up.


This is only one of them, I’m too lazy to upload all the pics. All the condos are in gated communities and come with community swimming pool, close to mountains and walking trails etc. Really nice photos the realtor sent me of the condos, but I will be seeing them in person to see how great they really are. Who knows they may be right next to a nuclear power plant! It’s always smart to go visit these places in person. I learned my lesson the hard way, lol…[ad#ad-1]

I also took a bunch of photos this week:

I hate wolf spiders (but the pic is cool)

I hate all spiders..

Nephew running away..

Closeup of rose thorn bush

mother in laws garden in the back yard

Cool flower closeup

my mother in laws lasagna from my son’s birthday

Bruschetta from my son’s birthday

That’s all for now folks. Time to get ready to bike ride to the Metrotown  library.