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Another Laptop Gets Stolen In The Coffee Shop

Unreal, it has happened again. Some dude hooked up his laptop to the power outlet, then goes to the washroom and his laptop gets stolen. Here is the thing, this person had his laptop right near the door, and the washroom is on the other side of the coffee shop. It was a dumb move on his part that cost him at least $600.

I talked to Habib the owner and he does have cameras installed to watch everything that takes place in the coffee shop, big deal. Even if you catch it on tape , what can you do with that? It’s not like a murder has taken place. The police¬†aren’t going to care too much about stolen laptops unless it becomes a huge problem.¬† So they have the thief on tape, the crook might as well have smiled on camera…. I am only here about 6 hours, 5 days a week. I can only imagine how many laptops get stolen the rest of the time.

Since this place is in close proximity to local Burnaby parks where homeless sleep this could be part of the problem. I see many homeless people and junkies walking by this place on Kingsway all day long. Laptops are such an easy target, small, expensive and easy to steal.

Watch your laptop never leave it unattended!!!