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Sunny Sunday In Vancouver – Coal Harbour & Kitsilano Beach

This weekend I checked out the Ozzie Jurock seminar on Saturday, Sunday I was with the family all day. We went to Coal Harbour in downtown Vancouver for the morning and walked around enjoyed the morning sun. Later on in the afternoon we went to Kits Beach on the west side with some friends, along with their kids. Overall all it was a great weekend, sunny, warm and relaxing. Below are the shots I took of yesterdays outing, it was fun, fun, fun, weeeeeee.

I really enjoy every minute I spend with my kids, it’s hard to imagine my life before them. Having one of each makes it even more fun, sometimes I find myself thinking about the future. It’s hard to picture my life 10 years from now but having kids makes me look forward to growing older and watching them grow up.

I would do anything for them, it’s a huge part of the reason I want to create a large passive income stream. Wealth for me is about the lifestyle and how I can set my kids up so they never have to worry about buying a house or anything. If you think ahead for your kids future, then you help them out tremendously. Most people don’t think beyond their own retirement. But think of having the ability to give your kids a home at their wedding? It’s one of the my dreams to do that and I know I will.  If they have a home that is free and clear (no mortgage) think of how much better their lives will be?

shot from the car of downtown eastside Vancouver

Coal Harbour

Coal Harbour Marina

Coal Harbour Marina

Coal Harbour Marina

Coal Harbour Marina

Coal Harbour Marina

Coal Harbour walkway

Kits Beach – Michael upside down

Kits Beach – Mr Muscle guy

Kits Beach Vancouver

Kitsilano Beach

Kits Beach – Michael