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Blogging Live From North Las Vegas

I have been in Las Vegas about 30 hours now and it has been pretty much non-stop. As soon as we got off the plane we got on a shuttle bus to the car rental company. I got a nice Kia that has enough room to fit all of us (mother in law included).  We drove right to the condo in North Las Vegas (23 minutes from the Bellagio Hotel) and the keys were waiting for us. One hour later ModernLV,  a company who delivers Ikea furniture and assembles it for you arrived.

I put a bunch of stuff together from 6 wooden chairs,  2 foot stools and some other stuff I can’t remember. It reminds of my days back at Feature Millwork… I got tired of assembling so I let William from ModernLV do the rest, blah, blah, blah.  Next day we went out to buy even more stuff, ugh. Two car seats for my kids, vacuum cleaner, garbage cans from Walmart and fridge,  washer and dryer from Home Depot and way more stuff than that. I feel like I started from scratch, which I basically have, weird feeling.

Most of the grunt work is done, the Internet is installed (obviously), so is the phone and cable, wee. I need to get my TV (with the cash equivalent of the camera I won), and probably will get  a 32 inch to 40 inch plasma. I am thinking Sharp. That is on tomorrow to do list and after that, I will chill for a day then just do my regular 8 hours of work and then go out for Vegas fun. The weather is pretty nice, it’s warm not smoking hot, but compared to Vancouver this place is a dream.

Hmm, what else… I’m going to use the gym starting tomorrow the next day, no weights just the exercise bike. I might jump in the pool if it warms up as well wee.

one the way to the condo, we are in the Valley (23 minutes to the Las vegas strip according to Google)

ModernLV’s Wiliam assembling Ikea dressers, since I’m too tired lazy to do it..

little one bouncing on brand new leather couches from Ikea

All spray paint at Home Depot is locked up with a nice big sign like this on each gate, yikes!

32 oz beers, Americans love their beer (taken at North Vegas Walmart Neighbourhood Market)