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Tomorrow We Are Having a Baby!

Hey Vancouver Bloggers!!

Tomorrow is the BIG day! I don’t think I have mentioned it but my wife and I are having a baby tomorrow at 9 :30. smily.jpg It is a planned csection which eliminates any of the chances of being woken in the middle of the night by labor pains and a rush to the hospital. I will be getting a good rest tonight as I’m sue my wife will be.

And, no we don’t know what we are having, we already have an awesome 2 year old baby girl, a baby boy would be cool? More than having a boy, I want the baby (boy or girl) to be healthy. smily.jpg

Everyone is super excited, parents are having soo much fun with our baby girl that another one will keep them even busier.

I know I talk about financial goals, but without family those financial goals wouldn’t mean to much to me. Giving my family financial security is important but without my wife and baby girl I would be missing a big part of myself. It’s weird being a father, because I still feel like a kid even though I am 37.

PS: One of my financial goals is to buy a home for each of my kids, in the near future.

Wish us luck tomorrow! smily.jpg