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Happy New Years 2009 From Vancouver

Happy New Years 2009

I would just like to wish everyone who reads this blog as well as all my friends and family a Happy New Years for 2009! I hope all your dreams come true and your lives are enriched with joy happiness and success! Remain positive and good things will come, steer that negative energy away from you!

I had a great night for New Years Eve and today we have the big New Years Late lunch at 2 pm  at my parents place that consists of way to many carbs (lasagna, pasta) and soo much great food. After today I’m back on the low carb diet. I don’t feel like buying “fat clothes” ever again, haha. Bada boom! Onward to 2009 let all your goals become realities, work hard and play hard! So remember to write down your goals, and make sure they are realistic goals cause if they’re not you lie only to yourself and no one else.  Lots of success in the New Years everyone!

What did you guys do last night?

All the best for 2009.