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Halloween In Vancouver

Since Halloween is happening tomorrow evening (Friday night of all nights) I figure I would post some of my shots from the family visit to the Stanley Park Halloween train. We got there at about  6:15 PM and waited for 2 hours to actually get on the train. While we waited we walked around and checked out the “haunted farm”, face painting and a few other treats. I suggest getting there early, cause there were tons of people.

When you take the train ride expect people to jump out at you from the bushes, there are people all over the place when you take the train ride. They did a really good job putting this event together and was well thought out. Overall it was fun to check it out, but waiting a couple hours in the cold with 2 kids was a challenge, lol.

Tomorrow afternoon Burnaby Heights in North Burnaby is having the annual Halloween on the Heights. Basically the kids go trick or treating to all the business between Willingdon and Boundary road on Hastings street.

Photos of Stanley Park Halloween train, last night:

Halloween Vancouver Stanley Park