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Google AdWords Now Enable You To Create Television Ads

We all know how innovative Google is. They are the leaders in online advertising by a far reach. Logging into my AdWords account a few months back I saw this notice in my AdWords account:

Yeah, you can create TV commercials right through Google AdWords! I haven’t jumped on this, yet…. But, if you are running a profitable online campaign, this is something to think about. People talk about scaling up your online campaigns to get the maximum returns on your keywords, well this is the next level after you have scaled as much as you can think off online.

You’re probably thinking it’s big bucks to advertise on TV right? Yes and no. Apparently you can create your TVad at no cost. This is a promo from Google to celebrate their launch. For a limited time Google will cover the cost of creating your TV ad, up to $2,000.

Google actually gives you a list of companies who specialize in doing TV commercials. You can request a bid to produce a commercial from any number of companies listed on Google AdWords. Basically these people will bid to produce tv ad for you in your budget which has to be a minimum of $795.

You can also choose the services that you want for your ad:

  • Voiceover
  • Pre-produced content library
  • Rights-managed content
  • Live actors
  • Music
  • On-location filming

I can go on and on, but it’s pretty cool to be able to start purchasing ads for TV with such ease. Who knows how much you could make if you bring your ideas on to TV? Seems like there is some big cash to made, if you can expand your current pay per click ads onto TV.

I’m thinking print ads would be cheaper than TV commercials and might be an idea worth considering?