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Google Slap For AdWords Advertisers, Pow There You Go!

google-slap.jpgLogging into my AdWords account and I see $12 bids across all my campaigns! I shit my pants, whats the hell is this all this about? Well I checked a few blogs later that day, and it seems I am not the only one to get hit by $10- $12 AdWords bids. At first like I said I did shit my pants but then I realized that Google did me a favor. I was going to go through my AdWords account soon anyways and start checking which campaigns that I should stop, because of low or no profit from them. Well thankyou Google you saved me some time and money. Thanks so much!

I still think the way they do business is very harsh, and they treat paying customers like crap. If that was to happen in the brick and mortar business, they would be much more accountable for their actions. However since this is the web, it seems like you can do whatever the hell you feel like. It’s not like they released a statement explaining all of this. Why should they, it’s the internet so you can do whatever the fuck you want right?

Kid of sad when their is no relationship between companies (Google) and the customers (AdWords advertisers) that pay their bills. There is a better way to do business with people, treating people with respect is a start. But hey, who am I right…..