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Google AdWords Hates Affiliates, Here’s Proof

I just checked my email and I saw that I had an email from my good friends at Google AdWords, cool.

Read the helpful AdWords email below:
Google AdWords Offer

Dear AdWords Advertiser,We would like to help you get the most out of your AdWords campaigns. We’re offering a no-cost tune-up of your AdWords account by one of our in-house experts.

If you accept, a Google AdWords specialist will do a full review of one of your campaigns and landing page. You tell us which is your most important AdWords campaign and how you would like it improved, and our specialist will send you a detailed proposal designed to meet your goals. You’ll get simple and specific suggestions for changes to your keywords, ad text, and campaign structure.

Of course, you’ll retain full control of your account. You can take or leave our suggestions, and we will never make changes to your account without your permission.

Please note: This offer is NOT valid for affiliates.


Offer not valid for affiliates? Unbelievable how poorly Google treatr people who do affiliate marketing, what am I a used car salesman? I spend almost $75,000 per month on Google AdWords and they just blow people like me to the side. Harsh way of doing business. Maybe thats why Google’s stock is falling?

Oh well ,what can you do, what comes around goes around I guess?