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Working Online Can Be Like Beating Your Head Against The Wall


If you have a problem with your online business who do you call? I do lots of pay per click with Google and it’s amazing how online big business like Google have crap customer service. In the regular world if you need to contact customer service you can call them or even go talk in person with them. Google hides their phone number, but you can get a hold of their online chat right? The people on Google’s Ad Words team are like robots and you cannot get a real answer out of them, it’s insane. If you have a problem with an ad you on are running on Google.com you need to figure the shit out on your own.

I love affiliate marketing, I work from home, no boss and no clients. It’s really awesome but I needed to get that out of my system, Google and you to Yahoo both need to learn customer service. Enough said, ciao.

PS: Enjoy the Google girl, I don’t think she work for Google customer support?!?