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Bugs In The Offline Google AdWords Editor

Google placement targeting problems with AdWords offline editor

I have been using the off line downloadable Google AdWords Editor to build and manage my campaigns for the last week. The software works awesome, its a huge time saver. This is one problem though…. When I tried to build Google placement targeted campaigns I could build them but I couldn’t upload the campaigns to my AdWords account. And also another bug is that you cannot do CPC (cost per click) for placement targeted campaigns, you can only bid on CPM (cost per impression). My solution? I just did the placement target campaigns online in my AdWords account. I hope the AdWords team will see this.

Other Google Placement Problems

A weird thing about placement targeting sometimes they begin running and others time they just site there. There is no explanation why the ad group isn’t running either. I don’t understand Google, I love doing placement targeting campaigns I just wish they would work all the time or at least tell me what the hell is going on. If I did something wrong , inform me. I am trying to spend money and I am left in the dark without a clue sometimes. If other brick and mortar companies ran their business this way, they would be out of business. Google please start to respect your customers more please! We made you who you are, we spend $1000s every day. All we want is what we deserve.