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Next Weeks Goals & Gay Pride Day Parade In Vancouver

Today we are going to check out Vancouver Pride Day Parade, even though it’s not something I consider a family event it has all the factors a parade would have from, crazy costumes, balloons and clowns (hopefully they’re clothed!). But not a family parade as some people tend to describe it as. In any case it’s a fun day, me along with 350,000 other Vancouverites thought so as well. Happy Pride!

Next weeks to do list:

  • trim the fat off of my PPC (pay per click) ad campaigns too save money on clicks
  • build more campaigns to expand on the current niche I am promoting
  • find more P campaigns to use
  • work on my landing pages to bring the bounce rate down
  • write some more articles for my sites
  • find new niches, for more $$

Some pics from the Gay Pride Parade in Vancouver 2008:

Man in heels at Gay Pride Parade Vancouver 2008

Wild costume with high heels and ballerina skirt, how cute!

Gay pride Parade Vancouver 2008

Pride float

Wild costumes at Gay Pride Vancouver 2008

Wild costumes all over

Gay Pride Vancouver

Someone forget their bras?!

Gay Pride Float Vancouver 2008

Gay Pride Float Vancouver 2008

Gay Pride Parade Vancouver

Gay Pride Float Vancouver 2008

Flamboyant costumes at Pride Parade Vancouver 2008

Flamboyant Pride Fellow With Red Wings!

Creepy looking shadow lady with big boobs

Shadow lady with balloon boobs