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Vancouver Christmas Eve Snowed In?

Now I’m starting to get worried. It’s 10:14 am December 24th 2008, and the snow doesn’t want to stop here in Vancouver. I don’t care if you own an SUV or even if you own a tank but with this amount of snow I’m not sure anything can help you get through it. How is everyone going to get to their destinations for tonight’s festivities? How?! I’m supposed to go to my parents tonight for Christmas Eve, but I don’t know if that is going to happen. They haven’t plowed the side streets in my neighbourhood since it started snowing, so now it’s like 2 feet high or more? I need to go measure it. This is nuts though, I need to go shovel another dump of snow, argh! Time to snap a few photos as well. Apparently we got 5 inches of snow and we are getting another 7 inches!!!

I tried shoveling my sidewalks but it’s a lost cause. I give up until it stops snowing… Oh well it’s Christmas right? So let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Merry Christmas to everyone who visits the blog. Stay warm and hopefully you can dig out of the snow to visit family.

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