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The Dancing Donkey

Saturday sillyness: It’s fun to see OTHER people looking like mules. This chap actually gets paid to dance on Lougheed Highway in Burnaby. He works for Church’s Chicken and has been doing this for at least the last 4 months, rain or shine, snow, hail,  or even hurricane he is out there dancing his thing (whatever it is that he does..).  I give him credit because he gets paid to dance like a donkey, and probably eats tons of free chicken. Mackdaddy…


we went to Maple Ridge this afternoon to visit my brother who’s camping there but couldn’t find his camp ground, so we drove around a bit and then went home. What a bust…  And he has no cell phone reception so I couldn’t even tell him we couldn’t find the damn camp ground.


flower pot in my backyard…


my backyard…


who could this be in my backyard?

enough said.