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WordPress Selling Hoodies & Today’s Daily Thoughts

wordpress-shirts.jpgYeah , Word Press is selling hoodies. Personally Puma is my sport clothing of choice but I do like the WordPress shirts, pretty cool. Anways, the weather is warming up nicely here in Vancouver finally! I’m just taking a little break from my affiliate marketing, it’s 9:45 am right now. I get up at 6:45 am to start my day. I can’t seem to sleep much past that time, to me it feels like I’m wasting my day away.

Besides wasting my day, I have BIG goals and I’m very impatient so I need to reach my goals as fast as possible. I can’t stand waiting! I’ve always been that way and it seems to work out great. So far I have reached all my goals and writing them down seems to guide my progress. Next goal, $1500 a day net from affiliate marketing.

Time for breakfast in 5 minutes, then me and my wife will be taking my daughter to free baby Salsa dancing classes at Brentwood Mall, too cute…

Work harder, retire sooner. Work less, retire later….