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Craigslist Finds Me Another Great Tenant

Craigslist does it’s magic once again and gives me a great tenant. 3 different people came out to look at it and I ended up choosing a young family with little girls. I called their references and everything seems fine. It’s better to judge people in person because they can use anyone as a reference. So far my personal judgement of tenants has been good, and I have had few problems overall.

When I first started with rental properties I used to advertise in the Vancouver Sun, this was before Craigslist existed. The Vancouver Sun is a dinosaur like all newspaper classifieds. The Vancouver Sun was expensive and lame, now I advertise for 100% online. Craiglist is the best way to get tenants hands down. I placed over 30 images in my Craigslist rental ad (the ones from this site), so the tenant knows EXACTLY what the place will look like even before they call me. What I did before Craigslist I don’t know, wasted lots of money I guess.

And there you go, bought a condo and rented it all in under 7 days, you have to love the Internet once again. Now onward and upward to the next investment property.  I hate moving slowly, once I find something I like then I move like lightning to get it done. If you waste to much time analysing, then opportunities will pass you by. You make a decision and stick with it, simple.