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Contest Winner With Convert 2 Media Two Times This Month

I woke up pretty early today (5:15 am), and as usual checked my email before anything else including brushing my teeth. Anyways I do Internet marketing and one of the companies (Convert2Media.com) I work with was holding 2 contests this month, one was for a $250 cash prize and the other contest gave you the chance to win one of 3 prizes:

  1. 55″ Samsung LCD-LED HDTC – (Publisher chose a cash equivalent)
  2. 27″ iMac (24″ is no longer so he got one bigger!)
  3. Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSI

I came in 3rd so I got the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSI. The camera is worth about $850, so I might just take the cash equivalent if I can. I already own a super simple but great Canon SD750, that does the job I need it to.

Realistically the contest is not the reason I even ran the offers to begin with, but  what the hell if I’m going to get some gravy on top of my sales then why not right?

Anyways that was a nice surprise to wake up to a little extra gravy on my next check, Thanks to Ruck and the C2M Boys!