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Thanks For Standing Me Up!

Last night I was supposed to meet a couple who were interested in looking at the Burnaby condo to see if they wanted to rent it. Our appointment was for 7:30 pm, he called me at 7:29 to tell me he placed the damage deposit on another palce. Awwwwwwww thanks buddy you give me 1 minute notice, that you’re not coming? You a-hole, I was like 1 minute away from arriving at the condo. Then I had another assh*le (2 days ago), who was late¬† so I called him to see where he was, and he said he was on the way and he never showed up (real nice d*ck head).¬† Some people have no respect for other peoples time, they don’t give a sh*t.

Today, I am showing it to 2 other people, hopefully it’s rented by this afternoon, woot!

Anyways, I had my digital camera and went to check out a place that I USED TO do graffiti at, years ago. Don’t give me a hard time about graffiti, listen to the news lately? Go get a bail out like GM and Chrysler did, with OUR tax money. Yeah, don’t worry about graffiti cause the government is robbing you blind.. Anyways I snapped some photos, some of the stuff looked cool, lots of it looked like hell. It’s underneath a bridge on Highyway 1 in Burnaby. You can’t see it from the street, very “out of the way”, so no one has to see all that “vandalism” that those damn kids do.




the underground world of graffiti..



I dunno, maybe testing their paint?



“Sueme” again…