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The Condo Is Coming Along

I’ve been working on my laptop from my condo in Burnaby while it’s getting renovated. I made the mistake of giving student painters the go ahead to paint my rental house in Burnaby a few years back and they were so pathetic it made me sick. Now whenever I get people to do work for me, I bring my laptop, my chair and a small table and do my online business while I watch them work.¬† There is a less chance of people trying to fuck you around if you are right next to them. Some people try to sneak the wool over your eyes any chance they get, but they can’t do that if you’re right there to point out any problems that you see. Having the Rogers Rocket Stick has enabled me to work from anywhere and everywhere, perfect for renovations!

The floors are now in, as well as the white baseboards and the painters started doing prep work this afternoon and they will be painting tomorrow and completely done by Friday. I did pretty good time on this quick renovation, since I only got the keys to the place last Thursday!

I could have done the laminate flooring myself I’m sure as well as the baseboards, but I don’t have the tools, so it makes way more sense to hire someone who does it everyday. Besides, the laminate floor installer is fast, reasonably priced and very reliable. The painters started today and they are awesome as well. I found the painters on Kijiji.ca, and they are reliable and came it at 1/2 the price of the other painters quote! The other painters quoted me at $3600 and this other company is doing it for under $1700, for the same amount of work! Always get at least 2 quotes for any job you plan to hire for.

I will be there watching them work so, there is no problems or any type of miscommunication (like painting the place the wrong color…).

I snapped some pics after I ripped out the carpets (I hate carpets big time!):

just painting the walls and the kitchen cabinets, no demolitioning here..

bare bones or what!?

laying down the sound proofing foam before the laminate gets installed.

my office on the patio..

I will post more photos after the place is 100% done. I’m not going all out, just new paint and laminate flooring but that should be enough to update the 2 bedroom with a fresh modern look. Buying old condos and fixing them¬† to rent may not sound glamorous but people will always need a place to live in and I fill that gap…