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Make Money Online Offers Get Affiliate Marketers Banned From Running Ads On Google AdWords

While on vacation one of my intuitions came true.  In affiliate marketing offers come and go, it’s the nature of the business. I usually try to stay clear of marketing offers that won’t last long just for the simple fact that I like to have long term income that I can rely on for years to come. These short terms niches can be very lucrative, some affiliate marketers make most of their money from short term niches such as diet fads and so on.

One of the more recent niches to hit the market was the “work from home ” categories. Is it a scam? Yes and no.  These are called rebill products because every month the consumer is rebilled a certain amount ($50 or something), until they cancel. Many marketers promote these “make money online” products as free trials,they only pay the shipping (this is true). The consumer pays about $2 for shipping, and has 15 – 30 days to cancel. This is where it can get shady, because many consumers don’t read the fine, and don’t realize they will get charged monthly. They then get rebilled monthly for something like $5o until they cancel.  This can easily add up when you are marketing these products, since each “sale” pays the marketer roughly $30-$40. If you get 10 – 20 sales in a day you have $300 – $600 U.S. In a month you could pull $9,000 to $18,000. It can easily add up to huge money.

Read The Fine Print!

Many people don’t read the fine print, or else it’s unlikely they would even buy the product.  Many of these “work from home” products were promoting these offers as “Make Money With Google“, and state you can “make $5,000 per month posting links on Google”. Is it true? Yes you can earn $5,000 U.S. per month doing affiliate marketing which does include posting links (buying link ads on Google Ad Words).

Yes, you can make money with Google.com, I am living proof of it. Is it easy, not when you first start. Is it easy to become a mechanic over night? Is it easy to become a graphic artist over night? Is it easy to become a lawyer over night? If you want to “make it”, you need skills, smarts and determination. The reason these products are popular right now are because of one reason, the recession (or so called).

Anyways many people were running advertisements for these products on Google.com, using Google’s name to promote shady work from home ebooks that can work, but won’t work because most people want the “magic secret”. These affiliates marketers have now been banned from advertising from Google for promoting Google biz opps (business opportunities).  I’m not too sure what the point of this blog post is.  Oh I just remembered now.  Most people want to be scammed because they are LAZY.

Diet products for instance shouldn’t even exist. Want to lose weight? Get off you f*cking ass you fat pig. No pill will be the magic solution for your weight problem. Want to make money, then dig in for the long haul, and get eady to make good money if you REALLY want it bad enough.

Who’s Right, Who’s Wrong?

Both parties are to blame. Lazy consumers who want quick and easy money and shady marketing practices that “trick” the consumer to think they will make $5,000 a month by next week. If you want to make money online, then email me and I will guide you in the right direction. I have bought a few ebooks, some great and some not so great but it’s the knowledge I did with ALL the books combined with determination to get me to where I am today. Focus on goals and get ready to learn….